Monday, November 22, 2010


I should make sure there is at least one post on here every week. So I will just spout off about a few things.

First, there was a meatless Thanksgiving event. It was held at some church near WashU by the St. Louis Vegetarian Society. And DA-YUM there was some good food there! Given my last post regarding how vegans tend to say everything is amazing just because it's vegan (even when it sucks), hopefully it means something coming from me. Trust me, if the food sucked I would be sitting here bitching about it*. I was glad to enjoy some good food by some apparently good cooks. I brought my garlic-rosemary mashed potatoes**, homemade gravy, and some bbq seitan (no one ate the bbq seitan, probably because no one knew what the hell it was, and it looked a lot like meat. The other stuff was virtually gone).

I will say this -- if there are going to be that many vegans at an even I think it's a little tacky to bring a dish that is not vegan. Pretty much every person I knew there was vegan. I mean really, how hard is it to not make that casserole with eggs in it? Make something else ffs***!

Okay, I will finish up with some holiday talk. 'Tis the season for these awesome bad boys again.

Hells yeah! I love these things. I can sit down and eat like ten of them in a sitting. It's like junk food that isn't that bad for you. If you've never had one, well what the hell is wrong with you. Go get some now. Yes, I mean right now. I'll wait.

See? I told you they were good. Now what to do with those peels? Well I like to throw them on a pot on the stove and boil them in water with a little cinnamon. It makes the house smell good.

Yes, I just gave you a homemaking tip. With garbage (or compost). I guess that kind of makes me like a white trash Martha Stewart. Only vegan. And with a penis****.

*I'm an asshole like that.
**I would give the recipe, but that means I would actually have to measure stuff out, and I'm too lazy to put in that kind of effort for the six people that actually read this blog. No, you are not worth it. Deal bitches.
***Means "for fuck's sake." Or you could have just Googled that, with your lazy ass.
****Albeit a very small one.


  1. Greg, I implore your assistance - one vegan to another. My Mom, Dad, Sister, and one of two nieces all went vegetarian this year. My Dad decided to make turkey breast for T-Day to accommodate the two meat eaters left in the family and it has turned into a slippery slope. He is now going to make his famous turkey gravy to and is going to imbibe. I would love to have the recipe for that amazing gravy you made - please please please. I want to make it for my family so they all have a choice between my Dad's turkey gravy and Greg's amazing vegan gravy instead of Susan's sort of scary looking yellow vegan gravy.

  2. Amazing? Well thanks, but I thought the gravy was merely good at best, and maybe closer to mediocre. (The potatoes I will concede, were pretty good, but I've made better.)

    How to make Gregatronic gravy (narratively):
    1) Start with a roux. Heat 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil and slowly add enough flour to get it a good paste-like consistency while stirring. You will need to make sure you are constantly stirring so it doesn't burn, using medium high heat. Stir the roux about 5-7 minutes -- this isn't a dark roux (like I used in my gumbo, which takes 35-45 minutes). It should be a beige-like color.

    2) Add a good veggie broth (I use Better than Bullion). Stir it in a bit at a time so it doesn't get lumpy. If you notice a lump rear its ugly head then stir it out -- try to take care of lumps as they appear (and they probably will, so don't think you are screwing it up). Keep doing this until it's, well, the consistency of gravy.

    3) Options: you can add stuff the flavor the gravy at this point. My suggestion is several sprigs of fresh rosemary, finely chopped. Or you can just add a tablespoon or so of dried italian seasoning (which is what I did). I also suggest some fresh cracked black pepper (not the dried shit).

    ^^This recipe won't make as much gravy as I had at the event. I used more of everything (as I knew 20+ people were going to be eating it). These directions will probably give you enough for 5 people or so. So adjust accordingly.

    Good luck at Thanksgiving. If you need help or advice text me. You have my number right?

  3. Yay, Thank you Greg! No, I don't have your number. You can fb me with it.